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Shortcode's fully featured web based control panel helps you to reach your customers immediately and our user friendly interface solves the complexity regarding shortcode management.

Complete information about shortcodes is available into the panel i.e. sender's mobile number, message, operator, circle, date and time of message. You can manage your reply message for every keyword and subkeywords. You can export real time reports in excel format.

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Short Code

What Are Short Codes?

SMS Short codes are a 5 digit numbers used to collect feedback, Lead Generation, Brand Promotion from customer & can provide Dynamic auto reply within seconds. For e.g If you take Keyword “SMSHUB” If any customer send sms with Keyword & send to 56161, then customer automatically receives auto reply through sms, whatever you have set in auto reply.

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Short Code Features

Promote your business with Short Codes :

Providing a short, easy to remember, and dedicated short code number, usable for SMS marketing, these services enhance lead generation, while facilitating live voting, customer feedback collection, and more.

  • Let your customers provide you the information you need by just texting in to your short codes.
  • Let your customers participate in polls and surveys using combination of keywords and short codes.

Short Codes Features

Receive message on the shortcode, capture the same into inbox and a free auto generated reply sms will deliver to users. In this way you can create a 2 way communication system with users.

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How it works?

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Short Code FAQ's

What Does Short Code Mean?

Short codes are unique numbers that are more limited than phone numbers and are essentially utilized for short message administration and MMS. A short code is a more limited number to which a SMS or instant message can be sent.
Short codes are broadly utilized in mechanized administrations. They are viewed as the quickest and most helpful way for organizations to send and get short message administration. They are generally utilized for esteem added administrations.

Usage of Short Code Service

  • Customer Engagement - Short Code Service is a generally excellent service for client engagement.
  • Verification Process - Customer verification is an important process of any business and Short Code service plays a important role in this process.
  • User Registration - Short Code service is the best way to verify the customer enrollment. With the help of a single text you can enroll new customer.
  • Contest, voting and many more...

Industries that can use short code services?

  • Online Retail
  • Customer Service
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Banks and much more...

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